Indoor Collection Hobbies

Indoor Collection is the Hobby Category for everyone who is most happy searching for most kinds of "buried treasure." -Without the need to go outdoors, (except to trade shows and exibits) Indoor Collection hobbies are a very popular hobby choice.

Most notable for their ability to make you financially wealthy after either waiting long enough or finding an exceptionally rare specimin, this is one of the most popular types of hobby today as it can usually set you up for life if practiced long enough.

Rigorous study of your particular collection items is the one thing most likely to help you become a successful collector. Do not expect to 'strike it rich' from luck alone, no matter what you collect. All successful Indoor Collectors share the traits of doing quality research and having lots of patience.

The list of our blogs below is not a comprehensive list of Indoor Collection hobbies yet by any means, but it grows all the time and should be taken as a starting point for you to find just the right hobby to match your needs and personality.


  • Gold Bullion Buyer

    In these times of financial uncertainty, few hobbies are as rewarding and exciting as collecting Gold Bullion.


  • Ancient Coins

    Nothing takes you back into history like collecting Ancient Coins! Few hobbies are as exciting and profitable at the same time as ancient coin collecting.


  • The Silver Bullion Collector

    Collecting Silver Bullion is more popular and rewarding than ever. We'll find and list all of the best deals and auctions on Silver Bullion coins and Bars for you here, all for free!


  • Foreign Coin Collecting

    Collecting foreign coins is an exciting hobby that can make anyone feel like a world traveller. We've found the deals on all kinds of world coins for both new and veteran collectors.


  • The Stamp Collecting Blog

    Stamp collecting is fun, exciting and profitable. We find great deals on stamps from around the world for both new and experienced collectors including rare stamps, penny black stamps, old stamps, british stamps, chinese stamps and usa stamps.


  • Gold Coin Collecting

    Gold coin collecting is exciting and profitable. We find great deals on gold coins for new and experienced collectors.